Sunday, February 5, 2012

It has been too long....

Yes it has been too long since I have blogged but I was very much in RL:-)
Still am, therefor Max and I decided it was best to move to a smaller land. We are not in SL much and well we think its a waste of money.
Today we left our half sim and bought a quarter sim from the same landlord and its so lovely, he just got great lands.
The first thing I rezzed was my house and my double rocking chair... don't it look beautiful????
But ehm... getting a little seasick here... I better get of that thing before I must ......

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas dinner

I had a try-out for my christmas dinner but.... it makes me sooooo angry.
Would it be ok if we just get some take away food??????? Please, please, please.....

Christmas stress...

Hmm where should I hang this ball??? Billy stop whining and help me out here you dumb cat!! GRRRR

Dinner table: check. 
Candles: check. 
Guests: Oh fuck.

Guess I will invite a stray from the street... that is the Christmas spirit right? ;-)

Christmas and a new house...

Oh yeah, I have a new house... again LOL. My husband almost gets crazy over this but he knew who he married. I lost the beachlike house and replaced it with a warm wooden house. I mean this fits winter better no??
I have it all furnished but I only missed something...
I found it today at 'What next' (great shop, look it up), a fireplace rug with anims YES!!!!
Warming my hands here...

Marshmellows are a must at a fireplace... yummy!!!

Oh nooooo, hot chocolate.... my favourate after a long cold walk in the snow..

Snow??? Where is my snow???

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Do we need another club in SL??

Yes we do... many are closing, well me and my best friend Hellion gonna start a new one. I can't tell much at this point, we are in a building phase just now.
It will be an allround club, that much I can say, and it will be a huge one...

One thing I can reveal is the name...or maybe not, see the picture and guess, lol

See you in outer space people;-)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Second live artists...

I like to attend life concerts in Second Life, I don't do this much.... the other day I just remembered a life SL artist from the past and looked for her on youtube.
Her name in SL is Amforte Clarity and she is great... I really must get back into SL and checking out the life artists:-)
If you come across her in 'search' or just 'search' her and join her group... she is really great:-)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Skipping Halloween...

I totally skipped Halloween in SL... Actually we Belgian people don't really celebrate it, it is moving in from America though.
Anyway, I did not feel like dressing up, and I like the European Carneval more:-)

I don't spend much time in SL anymore, so no time to find a costume... that is what you get when your sl becomes rl... and I love it:-)))))

Anyway, happy Halloween everybody;-)